Wednesday, December 15, 2010


FLYING came to mean so much to me thru the FlyLady.  FLY = Finally Loving Yourself. If your house and mind are ever in CHAOS, Seek her out! Her FB Community is Awesome! "Focus makes us Fabulous!!"

 Now that my mind and home are not in Chaos.. i can move on to Another kind of flying!! This year i will be setting out on my spiritual journey..... Again.  i took a hiatus from seeking anything spiritual for awhile. 
As i started out, i came across The Black Hat Society! i'm totally excited about this little community of like minded people! i look forward to getting to know those who are put in my path and learning all i can! i will be studying essential oils, also herbs this next year and Kitchen Witchery! i will be making a plan of action before January and work my craft into my daily life... i'd also like to meditate daily.  This blog is the beginning of this Journey!

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  1. HHHIII! i am so excited to see your new Blog up and running!!!